The Fear Trade Off

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As a programmer working in a team in a professional arena, you will sooner or later find yourself drowning. You underestimated your task. You are stuck and you are losing confidence in your ability to complete on time and to an acceptable standard. Now you are faced with two conflicting fears: the fear of admitting you were wrong and the fear of delivering something bad or late.

So which fear wins?

Let’s look at this differently. Both fears are variations of a fear of failure. If you speak up now, you feel like a failure because you underestimated your task. If you keep quiet and end up delivering something bad or late, you feel like a failure because, well, you failed gabapentin 300 mg capsule.

So really, this should be a no brainer. Man up and tell your boss now that you are behind. That way, you can take steps together to make sure that you don’t deliver something bad, and if it has to be late or you need to modify the scope then you can agree on this together. Whatsmore, it’s likely that you are overestimating the negative impact of asking for help, and you are underestimating the potential cost of avoiding the issue.

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