Going the Extra Mile

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People often talk about going the extra mile, but what does this actually mean? For programmers, an incorrect interpretation might be working long hours, or skipping lunch. What going the extra mile means is different for different people, but ask yourself – what is it that you know you should be doing, but don’t?

It might be writing unit tests, taking a break, refactoring, or changing your mind about an approach or a design. It might be having a difficult conversation with someone, changing jobs or stopping to think. If the only reason you’re not doing something is that you don’t feel like it, then you may be looking at an example of not going the extra mile. Whether or not you go the extra mile is up to you, but don’t kid yourself that you are doing your best possible work just because you are working late.

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  • Federico Orlandini

    This is one aspect of my personality that I’m working on every day. Working late usually means “bad code/tests/documentation” but sometimes I have the feeling that the solution of the problem of the day is somewhere very close and working in the evening can help in me in finding the solution.
    Sometimes works, sometimes not but it’s not something that I should do so frequently 🙁