Googling for Code

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The modern day programmer turns to Google for answers. A lot. This is sometimes frowned upon. In fact, during one phone interview I was explicitly told that they didn’t want someone who would just Google for answers. What they should have said is that they didn’t want someone who would introduce bugs or produce poor quality code – these are things which really matter. Who cares whether the programmer coded from scratch or copied and pasted from stackoverflow?

That said, although Googling for answers is effective for addressing specific and general problems, you will never be able to produce a high quality system through Googling alone. Every project is different. You can’t Google a good design for your unique set of requirements. You can’t Google appropriate names for your classes and functions. And you can’t Google for self-discipline, calmness under pressure and communication skills.

So use Google liberally by all means, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can skip what only comes with experience and dedication.

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